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Welcome to Damnatio of Bronze Dragonflight,
we are starting off as a social guild that is going to gear up it's members through heroics and look to take steps into Trial of the crusader 10 in the not to distant future. This is all with an eye to icc and to cata expansion. The guild was started by me (Vialo) and my girlfriend (Saapho) we are university students in the UK so have lots of time to run a nice guild :). Saapho's main is her hunter she is the hunter class leader and second in command of the guild, my two mains are Lealer (holy paladin) and Vialo (Feral druid). 

Now just incase your worried we are not noobs, I have run a guild before in early burning crusade and in the burning crusade I spent the latter half raiding solidly in a serious guild in MH and BT. In WotLK I have raided since the start and have been in icc 10 and 25 on Lealer recently and have lots of experience in both TotC and icc. I want to use this experience to push forward Damnatio's raid teams.

If you are looking for a guild to help you gear up at every stage and help you start and progress through raids and also somewhere to chill, meet people and enjoy yourself :D
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Members needed

Vialo, Jun 29, 10 7:27 PM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Vialo, Jun 29, 10 6:52 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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European: Bronze Dragonflight (PvE)
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